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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blogger Rules, Revisited

I don't know where the original post is (it is probably buried about 800 deep), but a conversation I had the other day reminded me that I should probably think about my official blogger "rules".  

What I don't ever write about:

My employer, by name.  Actually that is more the firm's rule than mine (I am not allowed, for example, to link to my employer's website); besides, if they want a mention here they can pay me for it.  Since some of the people that read this crap actually work where I do, I'm not sure there is much of an advertising future at NCFE.  Note that I do reserve the right to refer to my employer casually/indirectly.  I also reserve the right to be critical of any company or institution, as long as I do it in a respectful manner.

A significant other.  Whomever or whatever she may be.  Legally that could end up being a plural for a while.  Regardless, I think that anyone who is (or was) personally close to me shouldn't have to worry, ever, about seeing a reference to a conversation or interaction in this space.  I try to be an honorable person, and I have 800+ postings to prove it.  

Criticisms of friends, co-workers, acquaintances, etc.  If I have an issue with someone about something I'll speak my peace to them face-to-face. 

Non-public persons.  This is self-explanatory.

Adult topics.  I struggle saying "crap" on this blog, although I think I may have said 'sh%t' once or twice.  You may be offended by my spelling, grammar, typos, and the like, but I promise to never offend via content.

Seemingly sensitive things I will write about:

My children.  Sorry girls, but you are fair game.  One caveat though...I will never be critical of them, ever, in this space.  It's only the good stuff.  How could I not write about the three most important people in my world?

How I feel.  Since about the beginning of September that has seemed to dominate what I write about, at least from my perspective.  I am sometimes rather circumspect about what I write, but that's to avoid violating some of the rules above.  One must sometimes be creative in the expression of thoughts.  

Abortion, gay rights, politics, religion, etc.  It's all fair game.  

Public persons.  If you are a politician, public servant, celebrity or civilian who is a media  attention whore then you are fair game.  

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