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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tiger Woods: Here's Your Long Distance Dedication

I was thinking of a song to dedicate to Tiger Woods, you know the sex addict....I mean pro-golfer...I mean celebrity...I mean Mack-Daddy. Here's what came to mind...

Now I have to admit a few things right off the bat:
  • I've played golf, but lacking any real depth perception the game is somewhat challenging for me. I do, however, think the golf takes a lot of skill to play (well that is).
  • I can't stand watching golf on TV; in fact, watching goldfish in a tank is more exciting.
  • I didn't watch or listen to the Tiger Woods press-statement (or whatever the hell it was). I do find its timing questionable though, and apparently I wasn't the only one, coming at the same time as tournament sponsored by one of his (former) endorsements.
  • I have no problem with someone being a sex-addict. Hell, if you are going to have an addiction, that's probably not the worst you can have.
Okay, now that the disclaimers are out of the way I can make my main point, which is that Tiger Woods seems to want it both ways...just as most celebrities do. The press attention was pretty cool for ole' Tiger when it translated into endorsement contracts. Yes, Tiger wanted people to watch him, well as long as he was hocking stuff. Well hocking stuff and playing golf. Funny though that all of a sudden the attention seems unwanted.

Oh hell, I'm being far too indirect here. Let me re-boot this: Tiger Woods is a hypocritical baby who had no problem being an attention whore as long as he was being paid. Now that he Mack-Daddiness has been exposed, he all of a sudden wants some "privacy". Well excuse me, but if you make your living by figuratively screaming "look at me", then you should be prepared for people to look at you, even when it's inconvenient or down-right irritating. That's the price for being a celebrity. That's the ticket Tiger bought, that's the ride Tiger has to ride. Zero sympathy here.

Finally, if Tiger thinks it's bad now, just wait until THIS happens.

Tiger Woods: This is your long-distance dedication.

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