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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Johnny Depp & Roman Polanski

I heard about this on Howard Stern this morning...

Johnny Depp: Roman Polanski Not A Predator

I'm sorry, but someone who admits to pumping a 13 year old girl full of Roofies and then repeatedly rapes her IS A PREDATOR. Think about it, if this doesn't constitute being a predator, then what the hell does?

Remember two things here:

...a 13 year old is not capable of consenting to sexual relations
...Polanski admitted to the actions

This whole case makes my blood boil. Why is Johnny Depp defending Roman Polanski? Who the hell knows. My best guess is that it's the whole "cult of celebrity" thing at work. You know, this is the notion that because Polanski is famous the act of raping a 13 year old is somehow diminished is some bizarre way. Note that Johnny Depp (and Roman Polanski) don't deny that a 13 year old was raped.

Polanski belongs in jail for the rest of his miserable life. I don't care how famous he is, who wonderful his marriage is, how beautiful his children are; raping a child makes you a sick, disgusting, predator.

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