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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Joseph Corcoran: His Time Has Come (and gone)

Article from the Saturday edition of The Scranton Times linked HERE.

Let me be simple and direct here: the underlying problem with (soon to be former) Senator Mellow is that he is a career politician who dramatically blurs the lines between personal enrichment and constituent service. Simply replacing him with the someone having the same M.O. is not in the public's best interest. Of the candidates who are likely to run for the Mellow seat, former County Commissioner Joe Corcoran SCREAMS career politician.


To the best of my knowledge Mr Corcoran's his only claim to fame was his tenure as Lackawanna County Commissioner years ago. This is a guy who LOST to Robert Cordaro. The seeds of today's fiscal crisis in county government were planted then. What does that tell you?

To the best of my knowledge he has not held a meaningful private sector job. What does that tell you?

He hand-selected as a County Commissioner running mate an individual, Randy Castellani, who was dramatically unqualified for the Commissioner position. How unqualified? Prior to the Commissioner job the top of his resume listed "Dispatcher" as his professional claim to fame. No disrespect to Mr Castellani intended, but if that qualified him County Commissioner then I think I'm readily qualified to be the next Ambassador to Sweden. Talar du svenska?

The local powers-that-be love Bob Mellow and no doubt love Joe Corcoran ; let's hope though that they don't have the final say here, as I think we deserve better than simply staying the course. It's time to pull this weed before it has a chance to take root.

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