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Monday, February 22, 2010

In the "Why?" Department...

Dunmore councilman Paul Nardozzi is running for State Representative in the PA-112th District. I've seen this reported in a number of blogs and in the February 20th edition of the Scranton Times (link HERE). For the record, this is the District that includes my home, so I suppose I should be paying attention to what is going on.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if Mr Nardozzi runs on his experience as a member of Dunmore Borough Council, just what does that actually mean?

...he is experienced at not rocking the boat
...he is experienced at looking to an "anonymous business man" for solutions to pressing problems
...he is experienced with entrenched small-town politicians (cough*Nibs*cough)
...he is experienced at ignoring blinding truths, such as the notion that a town like Dunmore can't in fact support a paid fire department
...he is experienced at encouraging a NIMBY mentality
...he is experienced at double-dipping at the public troth (Dunmore Council & Clifford Township police)
...he is experienced at allowing mob-decision making, even if it flies in the face of reality

While I've already noted that I will never vote for Ken Smith again over this compassion-less, NIMBY-encouraging, ignorance-fueled stand on the Methadone Clinic, it seems to me that Mr Nardozzi isn't an awful lot different. If I'm wrong, then maybe someone can show me the errors of my way.

Now I've never met Mr Nardozzi, and I'm going to assume that he is a fine police officer, and for that service to the community he should be commended. But 12 years on Dunmore Borough Council? That's like claiming Klan membership as a qualification for a position on a Diversity Panel. I'd be curious as to what credit or blame Mr Nardozzi takes for his tenure on Dunmore Council, because outside of a senior center that the borough can't afford, I'm not sure that anything of substance has occurred in Dunmore over the past 12 years, well other than ever-increasing taxes.

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