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Friday, August 7, 2009

Tongue Tied and Twisted

"Tongue Tied and Twisted just an Earth-bound misfit, I"

I love the Pink Floyd song "Learning to Fly". When I left my last job (working at the Bon Ton in Carlisle, PA) I left a goodbye note for my co-manager and quoted the song's lyrics, with a finial wish that "the wind be at your back when you are Learning to Fly". We should all have such good fortune.

In the not so good fortune department, I'm struggling at work to keep pace with everything being asked of me. These days I am usually the first (or nearly the first) in and always the last one out. I'm signing on to check email at 10pm-ish, just so I don't get crushed in the morning. I'm also working almost non-stop from about 7am to 5pm, with about 15 minutes tops for lunch.

I know, that sounds like I am complaining, which I shouldn't...or maybe I should, I don't really know. In the grand scheme of things this too will pass, but it's just the path between here and there that's a bit lumpy. The single most important question is this: why do I put myself in these kinds of positions? Part of it I think is this notion that I have a tough time saying no; the other part is the fact that I'm always looking at what I earn and thinking that I have to give 150% in order to really "earn" that. That part of me comes from my up-bringing; when you grow up without a lot, you have a tendency to look at what you have and somehow believe that it all might someday disappear and you will end up being poor again. Hence the manic sense of work.

Anyway, all of this is keeping me from getting to work, so I must close.

Here's to strong tail winds today...

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