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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In the "No Shame" Department

There is a tragic story about how a business owner in North Scranton was accidentally shot at his business. Article link here.

Now you would think that everyone who read and commented on the story would respond with phrases like "this is tragic" "he was a good man" or similar sentiments.

Hold that thought.

Yes, in addition to those kinds of human responses to this event, there were individuals who commented on the story by saying things like...

"Restoring the Pride..."


"This can't be. The good mayor said there was no crime in the city of Scranton."

In the world of Scranton Politics there is never a bad time to take a pot-shot at a politician you don't happen to like. Never mind that this horrible accident had absolutely nothing to do with the current Mayor, his administration or any law he has proposed or signed. Nope, for some it's just a cheap opportunity to take a cheap shot.

There are some who apparently have no shame.

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