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Sunday, August 2, 2009

More on The Con and The Ciav

Follow-up story in this on-going saga was published in the Sunday Times. You can read it here.

In addition to reading the story, I also took the time (well it wasn't that much time actually) to read Judge Kosik's 5 page decision. I normally try to avoid reading legal decisions, mainly because I don't really care about the citations that abound in them, but this was one where you could read the plain English between the legal-ese. It's pretty clear from the decision and from the Sunday Times article that Judge Kosik seems, well, disgusted by Luzerne County's finest. Gee, I wonder why? The Ciav and The Con has set judicial ethics back 100 years. Neat trick when you think about it: Not only do these two have just about every parent hating their guts (well just about every parent with a conscience...) but they've also manged to seemingly enrage their (formerly) fellow judges.

I find this whole case both tragic and fascinating. Mark my words: one day this will be made into a movie.

Anyway, it seems that (based on what I read in Gort's blog) in about two weeks The Ciav and The Con will need to decide whether this goes to trial, accept whatever Judge Kosik doles out, or try to negotiate a new plea deal. Personally I am hoping that they just accept sentencing from Judge Kosik, as he does seem offended and will likely give them something damn close to 25 years. For these two, that's basically a life sentence. More likely they will let this go to trial. That's both good and bad...

...good because all of the evidence will come out, amplifying just how shamelessly sleazy these two have been

...bad because it will simply postpone the inevitable serving of justice.

As I've said several times now, the concept of "justice" may actually be a mute point in this case, because I think it's damn near impossible to even assess just how much damage these two have done to the children that appeared before them and the reputation of judges in this region.

If there is a Hell, I'm reasonable sure that sending kids to jail for money is a one-way ticket there.

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Gort said...

These clowns/crooks are going to trial. They will post bail and the case will drag out for the next few years,