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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Note to File: Getting Older Sucks

When you are younger, you can't wait to get older; when you are older, you wish you were younger. Quite the paradox, is it not?

Anyway, I helped a family member move between apartments today, and it was exhausting. Fortunately my back isn't' feeling too bad, mainly I suspect because I was standing most of the time. That seems to be the key to all of this back stuff: the Physical Therapy person I saw on Friday said that I should be getting up from my chair at work about every fifteen minutes or so. Easier said than done. I can just see myself in the midst of teaching an application class via a virtual classroom but having to get up for a stretch break with my headset on. Classic.

The good news is that the moving stuff is done.

Actually I should not complain in the least. The family member in question has been very good to me and my daughters all these years, so helping move some furniture is the least I can do. In fact, there are some people in all of our lives I suspect that probably help us and mean so much to each of us that there is no measure of good deed that could ever truly be considered valid repayment.

So here's to...

...doing the right thing
...repaying acts of kindness
...sore muscles
...realizing just how durable you were when you were a teenager

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