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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Senator Mellow, Guest Columnist

Senator Mellow graced his constituents with a guest column that appeared in the last edition of The Sunday Times. His gift to us was entitled "No timeouts amid budget crisis". In the column, the Senator chided Republicans for going on recess while Pennsylvania still does not have a budget.

Nice, very nice. Apparently Senator Mellow wants us all to believe that Senate Republicans are nothing but lazy and intransigent while Senate Democrats are the very definition of hard-working and oh so willing to compromise. The problem is that most of us, I suspect, see the situation for what it really is: entrenched political interests on both sides are unwilling to move from their own positions. The fact that Senate chamber is closed for recess in August is a red herring because it's not as if they were accomplishing anything anyway. If anything, Senate Republicans are simply acting on the obvious.

Moral Outrage.

Apparently the good Senator fails to see the irony in expressing moral outrage at his Republican colleagues in the Senate on one hand while telling us to "don't worry" as he collects compensation from corporate boards (in industries he plays a role in regulating) on the other. That's the strange thing about claiming the moral high-ground: in order for people to believe you, you actually have to be on a firm moral footing yourself first.

Note to Senator Mellow: Those in glass houses should avoid throwing stones.

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