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Monday, June 22, 2009

Road Apples, #33

This Week I am under a lot of pressure to get most of the development work done on training for a new application installation happening in July. It's "do-able", but it will require some extra hours of my part. Nothing I am looking forward do, but these days I suppose we should all be thankful for what we have, especially when it comes to employment.

Thankful - Which brings me to the next point. Are difficult economic times justification for putting a desire to do better on hold? I'm sure that in the minds of some employers this is perfect cover for the "shut up and be glad you have a job" mentality. Well I think that kind of persona probably uses that line all the time, but it's just that in times such these, the threat actually has some teeth to it.

Also This Week marks the start of the summer schedule for me, meaning that I go into work earlier because I don't have to take children to or from school. That's a double-edged sword, as I end up working even harder for nothing more. Wait, I'm sensing a theme here in the works. Perhaps this shouldn't have been a "Road Apples" after all.

In PC News - Norton has given up on removing the W32 Trojan from my computer, as it apparently has wrapped itself up so far into my operating system that it's not repairable by them or any other mortals. Yes, they have suggested I contact Microsoft for a solution. In the interim, I'm going to have to stop using Google, which is now basically useless anyway, as the Trojan simply re-directs my search results into other things anyway. However the new Microsoft search engine, Bing, is not impacted by the worm at all, so I've been using that for the past two days. It's a great tool actually.

On The Dental Front - This Thursday I get the metal screw put into my head as part of the implant process. I can't say that I'm actually looking forward to it, although it will be nice to have it behind me. I am told that this part isn't too difficult. We shall see.

Side Note To Myself - As I get older and the parts start to not work so well, I have to remember that none of that is an excuse to be mean, nasty, negative, surly or otherwise difficult to be around. Life is far too short for that kind of thing. It's a shame that some folks just are not capable of understanding that, at any level. As has been the case for me on many occasions, I've been blessed with many examples in my life of what not to be. It's ironic that when I was growing up, I always was so envious of these "perfect" families that I saw on TV, thinking that my life was crap because I could never exist in that realm. What I've come to realize is that having everything doesn't guarantee perfect happiness. Granted I wouldn't mind some of that good stuff coming my way sometimes even today, but still, I am grateful for the lessons that I've been able to learn in life.

In The News - It looks like protests continue in Iran, North Korea is still threatening war (Wait, is that really news? After all, they have been threatening war almost non-stop for as long as I can remember...), and President Obama is having a difficult health care reform sell. Ah, to live in the modern age. Regarding Iran, I think those folks have all the guts in the world for standing up the way they do; here's to hoping that they remain in solidarity and eventually force the change that everyone except the religious leaders in Iran seem to want. On health care, well that's a different topic for a different post, but I will say this: Health care is already rationed in this country, so I'm not sure how much worse anyone could possible make it.

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