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Monday, June 29, 2009

Learning to Flinch

The title, above, is from a Warren Zevon and has absolutely nothing to do with anything I plan on writing - I just think it sounds "cool". It's an interesting take-off on the more deeply meaning concept of "Learning to Fly", which if you want something of a heady song with that title, listen to the Pink Floyd number (which happens to be a favorite of mine; I think it's from the album "A Momentary Lapse of Reason").

Anyway, I'm looking down at another week following a weekend that was pretty busy. On top of my list annoyances is the fact that my back has been bothering me, at times pretty badly. Years ago I had some pack pain that was eventually cured by a Chiropractor. I tried to get an appointment with this same Chiropractor, but that wasn't in the cards, so it's off to a new one for me at 11am. Let's hope that, between what he can do and my own common sense, I can get to the point where standing straight up is an option again.

Speaking of common sense, my eating habits have none. I'm going to start this week reigning that back in. My weight has soared over the past year or so, and while there have been a lot of excuses (extreme stress at work, etc,), in the end I am the one who is accountable for what I put into my body. It's about time that I grew the hell up and started eating like an adult. Growing old, as they say, sucks.

On that happy note, it's time to start the week.

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