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Monday, June 1, 2009

Road Apples, #30

My Youngest Brother was moved out of the ICU yesterday, and they will begin evaluating him for any functionality loss. If there has been damage, then it's wasn't too bad. On one hand, having a stroke at age 43 is not a good thing, but at least it appears (at this stage) that he will be able to make an almost complete recovery. My mother continues to make great progress in Physical Therapy at Mercy Hospital.

Abortion Doctor Dies - Doctor George Tiller, a doctor who performed late-term abortions, was gunned down in a church in Wichita, Kansas. Story link here. Ironic that he was killed in a church. I've read some things from rabid abortion foes, such as Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry, that almost excuse this senseless act. Now I can see how, if you are that much against abortion, that the kinds of procedures performed by Dr Tiller would incense you; however gunning a man down in a church in front of his wife (Dr Tiller's wife was singing in the choir when the act occurred) does nothing other than paint a picture of abortion foes as being extremist nuts. As I have said before, good people can disagree on this issue. Let's hope that we can all find some common ground and get to a place where there is no need for abortions. That includes, in my mind (but not that of the Catholic Church) the wide availability of contraception.

GM To Get $30 Billion More - I just shake my head in disgust whenever I read about the GM situation. For decades, a succession of GM leaders (such as Roger Smith) drove the company into the ground by producing poorly engineered, poorly assembled products. The arrogance of it all. Word as it that Chrysler is dramatically cutting back on perks given to retired executives; let's hope GM does the same. Where is the accountability in all of this? What the whole situation, involving banks and car companies, amounts to is the government (really the taxpayers) basically fixing the mistakes of a bunch of millionaire CEOs. How ironic: the CEOs that are so much above the working folks of this country are being bailed out by the government, funded to a degree by the working people.

Sunday - Yesterday was just one of those bad days I suppose. I spent all morning cleaning make a mad-man, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning out the litter pans (and hosing them down before re-loading with litter), running the vacuum, doing dishes, etc. The afternoon was spent doing things at my mothers house (including fixing some steps), then doing the "Scranton Hospital Tour 2009" between visiting my brother and my mother. On top of it all my allergies were really bothering me, so I had to take something to alleviate the symptoms. All of that combined into a perfect storm of exhaustion. How exhausted was I? Well I ended up watching a marathon of "Ice Road Truckers" on the Hitler (History) Channel until about 9:15pm, at which point I couldn't keep myself wake any more so I went to bed. I feel better today, but the day is still young, and God only knows what can happen.

The Week Ahead - I am hoping this week is a tad bit less intense than last week. Not only were there some horrible events in my family, but it was very stressful at work, for a variety of reasons. I know, much of that is inside my head, as opposed to being outside in the world at large. But still, some help, as opposed to the opposite, from the rest of the world would be appreciated.

On A Note Positive - One of my rose bushes is in full bloom. I have to take a picture or two. I've won, for now, the battle against the aphids, although I have a woody bush that has more than a few on it; the funny part about that is they attack the plant early, but I think that as the summer progresses, the stems and leaves get too tough and they end up leaving it alone. Now right next to this bush is another bush,a boxwood that seems to be immune to any and every insect. Strange stuff, that mother nature.

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