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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Road Apples, #32

It's Sunday - so I get to do all the ritual Sunday things I typically do. This includes exciting things like running the vacuum cleaner and picking up garbage. Just how pathetic is this? Well consider the fact that I got up, on a Sunday morning, at about 5:30am and yet there was no real reason for me to have done so.

Letterman vs Palin - I see where David Letterman is in something of a feud with Governor Sarah Palin. Now if anyone ever questioned the governor's intelligence before, now you have proof. Letterman is a comedian. Debating him on any issue makes about as much sense as my debating fiscal policy with any of my four cats. Part of what Letterman said was stupid at best, in extremely bad taste at worst; this is, however, what comedians do. The good Governor should maybe spend more time on running the state of Alaska and less time debating the tastefulness of a "Letterman Top Ten" list.

Cracks - I did manage to finish sealing some cracks in the concrete in and around the front of my house yesterday. If I were more ambitious I would work on filling in some cracks on the left hand side of the house, where I have an old sidewalk that goes to the back yard. I'll add that to the never-ending list of things I want/need to do but probably will not actually ever do. It's a long list.

Iranian Elections - Yes, the problem with a democracy (even a quasi-democracy like Iran) and the democratic processes in general is that it never guarantees anything. The United States learned that lesson the hard way with the election of pro-Hamas candidates during the 2006 Palestinian Legislative Council election. We now get reminded of that again with the re-election of President Ahmadinejad in Iran. I mean how dare the people of Iran defy the Western world and re-elect someone we don't like? Now don't get me wrong, as I think some of what President Ahmadinejad has said, particularly when it comes to Holocaust denial, is down right scary. However they don't let me vote in those elections. If we want to live in a world where democracy flourishes, then we need to be willing to accept things we don't agree with.

Yesterday - I spent about three hours yesterday cutting grass at my mothers house and then my own. It was hot, hot work. I think the relative humidity at noon yesterday was something more usually seen in the jungles of South American than this part of the world. I also got a little bit of sun on the back of my neck. I guess I should worry about the "getting sun" thing; when I was a kid you just took sunburns for granted. Now days, it seems that every sunburn brings you one step closer to fatal skin cancer. Life was indeed simpler growing up in the 70's.

Things I Need To Do Today - In no particular order...
  • Return some documents to my brother that I had faxed for him last night and today (yes, I have a fax machine).
  • Replace a light switch at my brother's house (same brother as above).
  • Take my mother shopping and write out checks for her.
  • Get a new string trimmer head for my mother's weed whacker; my younger brother normally does the yard-work at my mother's house, but since his stroke that isn't going to be happening for a while. As I've been doing it I've noted that the head on her trimmer is really in bad shape.
  • Get some new socks at Kmart.
Yes, this is how very thrilling my life truly is.

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