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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Road Apples, #31

Extended Family Health Update 1 - Well my mother came home from Mercy Hospital on Saturday, but is still in some pain. I'm thinking this will be an almost constant thing now for the rest of her life. That's sad, truly sad. My mother worked very hard all of her life, both as a kid growing up on a farm in West Virginia and as an adult single-parent, working nights to support her family. There's something horribly wrong about this being the 'reward' for a lifetime of efforts.

Extended Family Health Update 2 - My brother was discharged from CMC yesterday and sent to in-patient care at Allied Services, which is an institution that does rehabilitative medicine for people who suffer strokes, accidents, or other impairments. My mother has actually been there a few times after some of her brain tumors (she has had something like 7 of many that I've lost count). Joe doesn't seem to have much impairment resulting from his stroke, but I guess they want to make sure. Personally I think it's a great idea. Better safe than sorry with this stuff.

Police Shooting - Still no official word on the results of the police shooting of a Scranton resident, although I believe that the report was delivered to the Lackawanna County District Attorney yesterday. I continue to believe that the officers in questions should be assumed innocent until there is compelling evidence to the contrary; that said, this investigation needs to be made public, if only to squash some of the insane rumor-mongering that is going in in various dank corners of the Internet.

I Love Thunderstorms - Just wanted to add that, given the time of the year. I find nothing more thrilling than a storm after a hot and humid day.

In The "Creepy Life Lesson" Department - I overhead one side of a telephone conversation the other day and was certain that I knew what it was about, with "it" being something that would scare the heck out of me. Well low and behold I had the whole thing absolutely wrong, so wrong in fact I wasn't even close. It just goes to show how much the mind jumps to conclusions about things, and how dangerous that can really be. Score one for being wrong.

In "$hit Just Keeps Getting Stinkier" Department - Attorney Robert Powell has plead guilty to various sundry things related to the whole "let's send kids to jail for cash" scheme perpetrated in Luzerne County. I'm not even going to create a story link to it, as the mere thought as to what these bastards did makes me physically ill. I hear there is more to come on this, which is a good thing. Judicial corruption in Luzerne County is like cancer & it has to be treated that as as well - surgery, radiation & chemotherapy are all needed. Destroy every last possible "cell" of that disease down there. What they did, sending kids to jail for profit, is so horrible that I can't think of a punishment (other than the death penalty) that is too severe. If there is a God, He/She/It will ensure that these folks rot in Hell for their actions.

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