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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Poetry in the Scranton School District

Call this one something of a nearly perfect* avatar for an operationally and ethically challenged school district.  Yes, apparently the Scranton School District has a vermin problem, over and above that which currently exists at the Administration Building.

(photo from Wikipedia)
The commentary in this case basically just writes itself.

On a more serious note, this actually is a serious problem.  One of my first real jobs in life was working in a summer camp kitchen, where one of my duties was emptying and re-setting mouse traps.  From that experience I learned three things:
  1. Mouse traps DO NOT catch mice by their tails.  
  2. There is never a shortage of mice.
  3. Mice only stay when there is something for them to eat.
I really do hope that the SSD can manage to at least solve this one problem, which is arguably more difficult than finding a copy of a (no-bid) busing contract.

Finally, the idea of glue traps being used to catch mice bothers me.  It just seems like a very inhumane way to dispose of the critters.  I know that there likely aren't too many alternatives, but it still does bother me. 

(*) A more perfect avatar would be the Scranton School District having a rat problem.  Oh, wait, perhaps it does.

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