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Tuesday, July 24, 2018


As I noted in a prior posting (HERE), I'm getting ready for a long vacation, but that isn't happening until a business trip that I am currently on is concluded.  In fact, I'm writing this from a hotel room at 6:30am, near Denver Colorado.  Fortunately for me, the trip back home starts at about mid-day today.

Anyway, a few thoughts about traveling in general and specific to this trip are in order.

  • Belt.  I forgot to bring a belt.  I'd call it early dementia, but that's too easy an excuse.  The truth is that I wore sweatpants on the flight to Denver and never bothered to pack a belt.  What to do?  Well, fortunately, yesterday my pants fit relatively well.  Today, well, at the moment I'm using a binder clip to cinch my pants together.  That could be good for a laugh later today at the TSA checkpoint.
  • Panic.  Yesterday morning I woke up after probably not nearly enough sleep, took a shower, got dressed, and felt rather frantic.  I had plenty of time to spare, so I wasn't running late.  Oh, and my heart rate was about 103.  Things calmed down over the next hour.  I'm going to attribute that to introverted stress induced by meeting a large group of people for the first time and feeling as if I need to somehow prove myself.  For the record, yesterday was fine.
  • Dinner.  I am uncomfortable in work-social situations.  I always have been.  Now I've worked with lots of wonderful people in my life, so it's not the company I keep.  It's just that after a day of feeling as is I were "on", it can border on painful to have to continue to keep that pace up well into the evening.  For the most part in the past, I simply acquiesced and went along.  Last night I didn't and simply came back to the hotel, in spite of a few offers on the part of my new co-workers.  Maybe that was a bad idea, but I'm hoping that, from a larger work-karma perspective, I've done enough in my lifetime and am entitled to one or two passes going forward.
On that note, it's time to pack up and head down to get some breakfast.  The world is calling, whether I want to listen or not.  Here's to the wind at my back and safe travels in general for all.

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