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Monday, July 9, 2018

I Despise the Word "Bitch"

(As seen driving behind a truck in Pittston, PA)

I've never liked that word.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I have three daughters, and if I heard someone refer to any of them as a "b****" in front of me, well, I would do violence upon them.  Maybe I was just raised to respect people, women included.  Call me crazy, but the idea that's it's okay to refer to a woman as a female dog never seemed right to me.  The fact that this word has somehow become acceptable in modern society is sometimes bewildering.

I've seen women wear clothing that refers to the word "b****".  Maybe it's an example of taking ownership of a truly bad word.  I just don't though see how referring to oneself using a truly demeaning term is somehow empowering.  If anything, it's a kind of validation of a disrespectful word used to describe a thought that's even worse.  Granted, I know women that use that word with some frequency to describe themselves.  While I don't like it, well, that's their business and not mine.  I just think it's a horrible word (and this is my $10/year URL).

As a side note, and relating to the above photo, I don't hunt.  Why?  It's mostly because I have no desire to kill anything.  And a lack of depth perception makes the idea of me firing anything a risky endeavor.  If you hunt, well, that's perfectly okay in my book, provided that you do it responsibly and aren't needlessly cruel to the creatures you harvest.  Again, I get it:  The world certainly doesn't revolve around my opinions...but if it did...well, let's just say that "b****" would be gone, responsible hunting would be universally practiced and peanut butter would be banished (forever).

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