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Monday, January 2, 2017


I am a firm believer in new year's resolutions, also known in some circles as simply "goals".  Setting goals for yourself is always good; so what if you put a new year's banner on them?  I honestly don't get the bad rap that new year's resolutions get.  Anyway, here are a few things I'd like to accomplish in 2017.

Physical Health - I need to keep my weight stable (well, ideally slowly tracking down).  I would also love to eliminate one prescription medication in 2017.  I don't take that many medications now, but one less would be great.  I'm also going to continue with five days a week of cardio exercise, supplemented with the remaining two days of being very active.  News Flash:  I'm getting older!  But then again so are all of us.  Being healthy now is more of an investment for the future than anything else.

By the way, if you want actual, real advice about fitness (and related resolutions), you can check out THIS BLOG by my friend Sean Gowden.

My Emotional Health - I am going to continue to work on staying focused and present in the moment, especially as it relates to maintaining a positive attitude.

"The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but thought about it. Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking. Separate them from the situation, which is always neutral. It is as it is." 
- Eckhart Tolle

Some may shake their heads and mutter "Oh boy, more pop psychology", but I truly believe that every situation we find ourselves in, no matter how seemingly dire, is itself neutral, and furthermore it has the opportunity to teach us an important life skill. This isn't some fly-by-night observation, but rather something I've learned...and obviously continue to learn...throughout my life. And it's difficult at times, but one of the things you learn in life is that the difficult things are almost always worth it.

Spiritual Health - I'd like to say something like "go to church regularly", but that would just be blog filler.  In reality, I'm probably not going to be going to church any more frequently than a few times a year.  What would be nice?  Probably finding something like a "spiritual adviser", someone I could dialogue with about weighty matters of faith.  Nothing formal, just conversation.  I'm open to suggestions.

Odd-n-Ends - A few other miscellaneous things...

  • Education - I'm going to finish my graduate degree some time this year.  That will be a load-o-stress off my shoulders, that's for sure, but it will be well worth it.  My (late) mother would be very proud.
  • The Blog - I've often thought about pulling out some of the better postings from this blog and finding some way to use them.  Maybe a self-published book?  I know, that screams vanity, but in almost eight years I am sure there is at least some good stuff worthy of paper.
  • Volunteer - I want to volunteer more regularly to help some of the causes that matter most to me.  
  • Current Events - I'm going to make a conscious effort to stay away from national news in 2017.  There's just too much negativity out there, and quite frankly, it sickens me to no end.  I'll continue to follow local news, and I won't claim that my self-imposed blackout will be absolute, but I will say that I've been doing it since the election and it has made me feel a bit less stressed.  

Here's to a 2017 that's full of ceaseless exploration for all of us.

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