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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Just An Observation (about President Trump's supporters)

Just an observation:
During the last election, the typical response from supporters of Donald Trump was, when faced with something controversial coming from their candidate, "...but Hillary..."; now it's "...but Obama...". At what point is the President wholly responsible for his own actions in the eyes of his supporters?
I get it, some of this is typical political theater (namely blaming a predecessor), but no former President has taken actions even similar to that of President Trump. No former President has, for example, tried to stop people from entering this country based solely on their religion and national origin. No former President, including George W. Bush, tagged terrorists with a religious branding ("radical Islamic terrorists" opposed to, for example, the "radical Catholic terrorists" of the Irish Republican Army). No former President has insisted that political staff be solely responsible for vetting communications related to science from government agencies.
By all means, be vocally supportive of Donald Trump, as that's your right. But an argument based mostly on deflection isn't much of an argument.

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