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Sunday, January 10, 2016

The First Week

I did something this past week that I've never done before:  Taken the first week in January off.  I know, hardly a *newsflash*, but it was a good idea never the less.

December was a difficult month.  As I've noted before, I had a lot going on at work, which coupled with finishing a graduate class on Information Technology and holiday preparations made for a storm-o-stress.  I am glad it is now part of the history books.

Now normally I only take longer stretches of time off maybe twice a year.  The rest of the time it's a day here or there, so taking this first week off was somewhat out of character.  I'll also confess to the following:  Often (as in more than about three quarters of the time) having a single day off is actually stressful for me.  I have grand plans on what I want to accomplish, but more often than not I'm either unmotivated and/or too tired to act on them, which makes me feel less than great.  I also typically end up checking work email as well.  Not good.

This past week was different.

I had an outline in my head of what I wanted to accomplish, but no real and firm plans.

I also made the conscious decision to not check email. Not once.  My cell phone number is on my away voicemail message, and I also let the others on my team know they can contact me if needed, so I figure that any real emergencies would come to me.  Otherwise, well it could wait.

The result was that I actually found this week to be relaxing.  I really feel better.  I also accomplished some stuff.  For example...home office storage.

One of things that we liked when we made the decision to buy our home is the fact that it had a second floor office.  It was just a bare room (well not technically correct, as it has its own covered porch), and rather small, but the space works well for us.

(The original space.)

One problem has been storage.  Specifically, I have a TON of books, so after we bought the place I put up some shelving brackets just to create some additional book shelf space.

(With temporary shelving...that lasted two years.)

That worked for about 6 months, so it's been on my radar screen for a long time now to add shelving space. I planned out what I wanted, and with the help of a great stud sensor for plaster walls and about $175 worth of material, the shelving was upgraded.

(In progress.)

(The finished product.)

I also got in five days worth of workouts in the gym.  Granted that I continue to eat horribly, but I was glad at least for the 40+ minutes per day of dedicated exercise I got in Monday-Friday.

Alas now, it's Sunday evening, and work approaches quickly.  Time to say goodbye to an actually restful week off and check some work email.  The new week is coming, whether I am ready for it or now, but at least this time I feel somewhat better (mentally) prepared.

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