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Saturday, January 23, 2016

My Rules for Life

Blogger Vanessa Leigh writes some good stuff, and her blog is worth checking out.  You can find it HERE.

In a recent posting she listed "My Rules for Life", which sounds like a good idea to me for a topic, so in the truest spirit of the Internet I'll steal borrow it.

Without any further explanation, here are My Rules for Life.

1.  We Are All Different And Yet The Same
Growing up I always thought I was abhorrently different.  Somehow defective.  What I've learned, mostly later in life I'll add, is that barring serial killers, the truly mentally ill and politicians, we are all in fact equally dysfunctional.  That goes for priests, car mechanics, engineers, corporate trainers, garbage collectors, doctors, tech support staff, CEO's, teachers, Popes, firefighters and everyone else.

2.  Be Present In The Moment
The present moment is all we really ever have; the past is nothing more than an already spent "present" and the future will be the present soon enough on its own without any effort on our part.  I'm still learning this by the way.  I'll probably be learning this for the rest of my life actually.

3.  Redemption
We all...all of us...have a shot at redemption, up until the our last breath.  Never assume that you or I is ever beyond saving.

4.  Curiosity
I am curious about everything.  I never want to stop exploring.

5.  Honesty
Lies require too much effort for too little reward.

6.  Practice Forgiveness
Holding onto anger is a poison for the soul.  I can proudly look myself in the mirror and honestly say that I am not angry at a single soul.  Annoyed?  Well maybe.

7.  Embrace Change
We are never too old to change and adapt to our circumstances.

8.  Absolutes
I am wary of anyone or anything that preaches longs lists of moral, practical or other absolutes.  Yes, it's important to have rules (such as these, at least for me), but in fact I think there are very few absolutes in life.  I am especially wary of anyone who talks about "follow these sixteen steps and you will spend an eternity in Heaven", mostly because I can't picture God being the creator some kind of cosmic paint by numbers set.

9.  Be Kind
I try to be kind to everyone, but especially to those who can do nothing for me in return.

10.  Laugh
I try to laugh often and heartily.  If holding onto grudges is poisonous to your soul, then laughter is a kind of cosmic antibiotic.

11.  Read
I read, a lot.

12.  Ego
Ego serves virtually no useful purpose in life, other than to mess with the head and make ourselves feel temporarily better...usually at the expense of others.  I've learned to avoid both myself and in others...and I inherently don't trust those who don't keep their own in check.


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