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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

It's Nearly the End (of the year)

It's been a busy couple of days.

I have a lot of time off over the holidays this year, which is good, as I have a lot do to.  A few finer point of detail:

Christmas...was wonderful this year.  It was relatively relaxing, and it was spent with my family.  What more could anyone ask for?

(wonderful gifts from my daughters)

The weekend...two of my brothers came over, along with Gary the dog.  Now, as I've noted before, I'm not really a dog person, but Gary makes a compelling argument for "man's best friend".

(Gary, my brother Rich's dog, waiting for cheese and/or pepperoni)

Sunday to Tuesday...was spent up at Ricketts Glen State Park with my wife's family.  It's a tradition of sorts, and outside of the fact that it's virtually impossible to sleep in a sleeping bag while having a pillow between your legs, it's always nice to connect with my in-laws.  I also got a chance to get caught up on some reading and engage in some chilly weather hiking.

(some of my favorite people hiking)

(waiting for Spring occupancy)

Today...was spent getting stuff done around the house, including putting up some art that we received for Christmas.  I also got a chance to finish the planning for the installation of new shelving in my home office. 

Now I'l confess that I had to think about whether or not to even write this post.  


Well I know that not everyone has a wonderful holiday, and I never want to be perceived as being one of those overly perky, "ain't I blessed and if you're not, well that just stinks being you" types.  Heck, I've had my share of less than, shall we say, "inspiring and relaxing" holidays.  But we all walk our own journeys in life, and where I am now is a result of where I came from, just as that's the case for others as well.  So if your holiday left something to be desired, well my wish for you is that your journey continues and takes you to a better place.  I know...there are better places out there to be just need to keep looking.

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