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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Marriage Equality: What Happens Next?

Gays will get married.

What will not be happening?
  1. That pastor will not be setting himself on fire.
  2. The federal government will not force priests, ministers, pastors, rabbis or any other religious to marry gay people.
  3. The federal government will not "go after" the tax-exempt status of churches that disagree with marriage equality.
  4. Politicians of both parties will not stop using this as a wedge issue for the sole purpose of garnering more political power for themselves.
  5. Hypocritical bigots like Rush Limbaugh will not shut up.
  6. ETWN, Ave Maria Radio, the Westboro Baptist Church and the like will not stop continuing to claim that this is an abomination by selectively quoting biblical scripture*.
  7. No one will go to Canada to escape marriage equality (which has already existed in the Great White North for about a decade already).
  8. There will not be more gay people, although hopefully more gay people will be comfortable being their authentic selves now.
  9. No heterosexual couple will have their rights taken away.
  10. This will not result in people marrying animals, inanimate objects or polygamy. 
In the end, all you need is love.

(*) Refer to THIS posting.

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