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Thursday, June 4, 2015


Yes, by now just about every sentient being on the planet has heard about the past exploits of Josh Duggar, one of the nearly two dozen children of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar.  Here are a few of my not so random thoughts.

1.  Children Were Harmed
First and foremost, children were molested.  This pushes all other considerations to the back seat, and my genuine hope is that all of this new attention doesn't exacerbate what are likely already bad memories for the Duggar girls. For the record, it's likely already too late for my hope.

2.  We Helped Make This Mess
Yes, we Americans, with our obsession for freak-show television, helped create the Duggar monster.  Yes, they would still be breeding if they were not on television, and yes, these incidents would still have happened anyway, but now we have girls who, in addition to having been molested, now have the "honor" of being the "the girls on television who got molested".  Someone needs to start saving up for therapy now.

3.  The Duggar Parents Are Flaming Hypocrites
While decrying the lifestyle choices of others, Jim Bob and Michelle were quietly engaged in a decade long hush campaign regarding their own home-grown issues.  I guess they never learned that "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" business.  They also cry for compassion now, but Michelle wasn't quite so compassionate when she was recording those robocalls a few years ago, now was she?

4.  Josh Duggar Is Dangerous
I was a young teenage boy, quite normal by the way, and I never molested anyone or anything.  Josh Duggar did.  Based on my intimate knowledge of not being a child molester, I'd say that there may be some issues buried deep in his sexually repressed skull that need to be dealt with...and not just by getting a stern talking to by a convicted kiddie porn cop either.  The fact that he worked for a group called the Family Research Council is borderline funny now...funny if we weren't talking about child molestation that is.

5.  Children Raising Children
Having watched the Duggar television show, it's pretty clear that in this particular household...and given the population explosion...children end up being partially raised by other children.  How very sad.  While we can't blame the molestation on this fact, it certainly hasn't made matters any better.  It's also too much pressure for these children.  Here's a novel thought:  Children should be children first, BEFORE they have to be surrogate parents.

6.  The Duggar's Choice To Be Public People
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar made the decision to put their lives on display for the whole world to see.  Whether or not they anticipated Josh's child molesting to be part of the absurd parade is irrelevant, as they signed away their rights to privacy a long time ago.  That's harsh, but so be it, as they gladly accepted the "famous television family" money, so they get all that comes with it.  Blaming the "liberal media" or others for the current state of all things Duggary is yet another example of hypocrisy in action, as the media didn't force them to sign a television contract.

Two final bonus thoughts:

#7.  The End?
I doubt this is the end of the story.  Something tells me that there is more to this, and sadly, more for those children to deal with in the weeks to come.

#8.  Libido
When you boil the nearly two dozen children thing down to its most basic component part, it's this:  Jim Bob Duggar simply can't control his libido.

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