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Friday, May 15, 2015

What's Happening To Us?

I was reading the blog of a work colleague the other day (you can read that blog HERE), noticing that a theme of work stress kept creeping into her postings.  It made me wonder if work stress is reaching some kind of zombie apocalypse level these days.  There are days when I certainly feel it.

April was, truly, something of a living Hell for me.  May has been better, but that's only because, well, it's not April.  That's not actually fair, as some things came to a conclusion at the end of April that actually improved my lot.

What to do about all of this?  Well, I think I've already touched on that actually.  I am taking my April experiences as an opportunity to learn and grow my resiliency (I dislike the phrase "grow resiliency" by the way, as it sounds too much like "suck it up, buttercup") and I am actively learning to better focus on the here and the now.  More on that to come.  My eating habits still stink, but that's next in line.

More than anything else though, I genuinely do think that society today, particularly the part of American society engaged in the private sector for employment, is being pushed to the limit.  Efficiency isn't an unlimited curve.  When we grow tired we do make mistakes.  Not everything can be a top priority.  In short, some of us need to learn to say "no" a bit more.  We need to disengage from artificial competition with each other, we need to stop believing the mistaken notion that we are always in a state of debt to our employers, and we need to see that all of us...from mail room clerk to executive officer...are all human beings.  We are all equally dysfunctional.

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