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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Road Apples, #160

It's official...I have the digestive system of an 82 year old man.  At least two things that end in "itis" are lurking in my innards, and it's not pretty.  On tap will be a blood test (for anemia) and me trying to take some mental notes about what  foods seem to cause the worst symptoms.  So far I can rule out red meat (Yeah!  Although I had to eat hamburgers for two days in a row in order to conduct the "test".).  It's a contradiction of sorts:  You grow older and your head works better, but yet your body starts to just fall apart.  Who says God lacks a sense of humor?

You need a license for in getting married, so it was off to the county courthouse on Friday afternoon to get just that; the clerk who helped us was friendly enough, although one does wonder why they simply can't mail the license back to you.  As it stands, another trip will need to be made back to the courthouse annex next week to pick up the actual license.  

Local bloggers...I wish there were more local bloggers.  I check NEPA Blogs from time to time for new and fresh blogs, but alas, I don't often find much.  Granted I'm not interested in everything.  For example, blogs about being a good Mom are nice, but they are not my cup of meat.  I get that this whole blogging thing is an acquired taste, but still, some more local content might be nice.  I may just have to expand my search a bit.

Passport...It's official:  The United States government will allow me to actually leave the country.  I've never had a passport before, and I do confess that it's kind of neat to actually be in possession of one now.  Not that I'm traveling to any real foreign countries any time soon, unless you count Canada, which to me seems something like an extension of Maine, all be it with funny looking money.

Philadelphia...Yesterday included a trip to Philadelphia to celebrate Chris' dad's birthday.  I always enjoy my time with her family...they have a certain "spark" to them...especially Chris' parents...that is to be admired.  They are also simply very wonderful people.  It's my hope to, one day, have that kind of retirement, although I doubt I'll ever want to do as much overseas traveling as they do (but now at least I can leave the country, legally; see above).

Shutter to Think...One of today's projects was to replace the shutters on the second floor windows.  Taking the old shutters off was a chore (see THIS POSTING), but installing the new set wasn't quite so bad.  It was still kind of high up, ugh, and my innards were doing the Samba afterwards, but at least it's done.  Now we can officially say "it's the white house with the dark red shutters", which is pleasing to no end because of the plethora of "white houses with black shutters" that are in our vicinity.

Current Read...I'm currently reading "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle.  A book report is in the offing.  I will say that the core message, namely keeping your head in the "now", resonates with me well.  How he has stretched that message into an entire book is, well, a bit of a stretch, but that's commentary for another day.

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