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Monday, May 18, 2015

Vote Tomorrow...and Two Wishes

I'll be voting tomorrow, although I'm not sure for who at the moment.  As I think about voting though, I do have two wishes for Pennsylvania:

1) Ending Party Line Voting.
No one should be able to pull a lever or fill in a circle in order to vote for a single party of candidates.  I'm sorry, but we vote for people in this country, not a political party.  Next to the abuse of alcohol, I think party-line voting is one of great scourges of NEPA, one that has contributed to a lazy electorate and enhanced corruption over the decades.

2) Ending Closed Primaries.
In Pennsylvania, you are effectively and officially disenfranchised during primary elections unless you are either a registered Democrat or a Republican.  This makes sense to no one, well except for the bosses in the two major political parties.  Another idea that has seen its time come to an end, mainly because it simply exists to help maintain the status quo.

Given that the two major political parties both benefit from the above electoral abominations, I'm not looking for anything to be changing.  Sadly, I will add.

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