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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Advertising (...don't blame me...)

I was reading some of the blogs linked to my page*, only to get annoyed at the pop-up and other advertisements that kept appearing on the (as in my) page.

Then I realized something:  I haven't monetized the blog.  That's blog lingo for the fact that I don't allow advertisements on .

Apparently my "most mal/ad-ware/virus free" Mac is about as susceptible to computer germs as a sailor on leave in Bangkok is to real germs.  Yet another reason why I'd never, ever buy another Apple computer again.  Alas, I've sunk enough money into this one that I have to keep it for a few years.  So I digress.

Speaking of "So", so if you are reading this and you see advertisements, well don't blame me.

Now never let it be said that I end blog postings on a low note, so here's a nice song for a Saturday morning.

(*) For the record, I have three different kinds of blogs I link to on this page:

1) Blogs I read every time they have new content.
2) Blogs that I read every once in a while.
3) Blogs that I really don't even want you to read...but I have them listed anyway (for various reasons).

I won't be providing examples.

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