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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hairy Lines

I was wondering what to call this posting, one which I really don't know what it will be about anyway, and the phrase "hairy lines" just came to me.  I swear, just right out of the blue, "hairy lines".  What are hairy lines?  Well for about the first ten seconds of the thought I didn't know what they were, but then it came to me:  hairy lines are the lines that appear when you use a marker kind of writing instrument on paper that seems very porous.  So there you go:  hairy line, and I now have a title.  Now for some content.

Behold the power of stalling in the written word.

Anyway, this is shaping up to be an interesting week.  Ms Rivers is at an industry conference for part of the week, so I have been left with very detailed instructions on how to run Casa Rivert for the next three and a half days.  Nothing I can't handle, mind you, and going to New Orleans to listen to banking industry stuff can be an absolute bore, but, it's in New Orleans, so at least the food will be good (for Ms Rivers, who has a far wider palate than I do).  Alas, I will miss her, but I am glad she gets some time away.  Besides, I had my conference time for this year in Washington DC, which met my conference attendance requirement for the next three or so years.  Or at least until "the man" makes me go somewhere.

In other news, my oldest daughter is back from her teaching assignment in Kansas City, MO, teaching English in one of the worst school districts in the nation.  She did a great job, by the way, which I think equips her to teach just about anywhere, or perhaps become a prison guard.  Either will work, as long as the job provides health benefits.

Speaking of jobs, mine could take some interesting turns over the next few weeks.  Granted that I do not expect major role changes, but no matter what I will be ending up with a new (as permanent as things get in the private sector) boss for the next few years.  That new boss could be the person I am temporarily reporting to now or it could be someone else.  Heck, it could also be someone who is also currently one of my peers.  That last scenario has happened to me in the past and, well, it is as awkward and creepy as it seems (for both the 'former peer now boss' and the 'former peer now subordinate' perspectives).  Messy?  Yes, but that's life in the fast lane.  In the end, I am firm believer in choosing my own attitude, so no matter what happens in the boss department, it will be me, not circumstances, that will firmly be in charge of my own head.  In reality the only real estate any of us own is the 1400 cubic centimeters that resides in our skulls.

Now I full get it:  the last sentence in the above paragraph makes for nice consultant-speak, and I for one freely admit that I forget that fact all the freak'n time.  But it's not about having a perfect mindset, instead it's about having just enough of a mindset to prevent your head from going down that spiral drain of despair.

Another thing to ponder, at least for me, are all of the wonderful other changes taking place in and around my existence.  For the first time in a long time I have three daughters fairly close by.  That's simply wonderful, all be it temporary, as one of the three is heading to Amherst to begin her "becoming a real-life scientist" studies in August.  There are also things I am working on in the personal development front that will probably take while to bear fruit, but which will ultimately put me in a far better place; well that or they will at least keep me out of quasi-trouble.  What things? All will be revealed in short order.

Bookshelf.  Something else I am pondering these days is the needed room for more books.  I clearly low-balled the space needed for my books, as they keep growing in number.  I also need to make sure that my "Steve-owned" as opposed to "Company-owned" books that I have in the work office have space in the home office.  Oh, and I also ordered two more books on Friday night (neither of which have anything to do with anything I do professionally, but, they looked cool).  Anyway, I am thinking about a six foot high white bookshelf for the office, maybe about three or so fee wide.  Time to do some IKEA browsing.  Nothing quite solves a storage problem as well as fashionable, reasonably priced, assemble-yourself furniture from a store that is painted like a giant Swedish flag.

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