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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Construction of Mount Garbage (temporarily) On Hold

In April I posted a story about a plan by Dunmore businessman Louis DeNaples to construct an actual, real mountain made of garbage.  You can read the original posting HERE.

Well, plans for Mount Garbage are on hold, all be it just temporarily.  Link HERE.  Yes, it appears that there isn't really a concern about an actual freak'n mountain made of garbage from a conceptual standpoint; heck, I don't think anyone really cares from that perspective.  No, the concern expressed by the Department of Environmental Protection is that the weight of Mount Garbage may in fact cause abandoned coal mine voids below to collapse, potentially sending all manner of waste crap into nearby rivers, etc.

Again, it seems that most are fine with an actual, real mountain made of garbage, as Mr DeNaples "does so much for the community".  By the way, I really do admire Mr Louis DeNaples, as he is truly a self-made man.  However, admiration noted, I continue to believe that construction of a mountain composed of trash is a bad idea for NEPA.  What's worse?  The fact that so few seem to not have a problem with an actual, real mountain made of garbage in their back yard.

Got to love Dunmore:

"There is NO WAY way we'll have a methadone clinic in our safe little town!"

"Mr DeNaples is building an actual, real mountain made of garbage?  Yeah, I'm sure that will be just fine.  He's does so much for the community you know.".

As I noted in April, Mount Garbage gives new meaning to the the phrase "NEPA is a dump".

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