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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bad Blogger

I confess, I have been a bad blogger.  While I have been writing, I haven't been publishing, as evidenced by the three mostly ready to go postings that are still in my draft folder.  Guilty, but with an explanation in that I've simply been mentally exhausted this week.  Physically too from time to time, but mostly mentally tired.

There was Tuesday, where I had to help facilitate a session on "Motives and Values" to a group of project management and planning professionals.  I didn't do most of the heavy lifting (a colleague graciously did), but I still did do part of it, and I was "on" for the better part of a day.  Then there was Thursday, when I really did co-facilitate a program on our leadership framework, along with the guy that mostly invented it.  Think of it as being assigned to teach an English class with Ernest Hemingway.  Oh, and the room was full of fairly high ranking folks.  No pressure.  And lastly, I discovered that I have a slot on our company's senior leadership team meeting agenda next week.  It all makes for a lot of mental drain.

Now before I go any further, let me mentally re-set for just a second.  The reality is this:  I have a great job.  I work with great people.  I am paid well.  None of the above constitutes even a sliver of a complaint on my part.  What's more, as hard as the above is, it's probably easier than the job that Brooke, my waitress in training at the restaurant last night, has to do when she shows up for work.

Add the above the normal drone of my work, plus two things I am not going to mention here, and you have my week.  Yeah!

As noted above, next week isn't going to be much better in terms of pressure, but so be it.  I say "bring it on".  I may be taking pain reliever like M&M's, but that's the price of growing old I suppose (as I may or may not have mentioned  before, I found out that I have arthritis in my left foot).  There is relief in sight though, in that I have some actual, real vacation time coming up week after next.  It's actually one of two vacation weeks planned for the summer of 2014.

Here's to vacation.  And reelin in the years...

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