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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Goodbye Old Friend

The old friend in question is this... first really good camera, which I've had for many, many years.  For the record, it's a Sony Alpha 200.

Death occurred on Lake Jean at Ricketts Glen State Park last weekend.  Yes, I decided to go kayaking with Ms Rivers, and yes, I decided to bring my camera.  In defense of this seemingly bone-headed move, I have had my camera in other wet conditions before, without incident.  This time around was going to be different, as just a little bit of water got to the camera and I believe it shorted as soon as I powered it up to take a picture.  I spent a week thoroughly drying the camera out, but alas, it's gone.  I called a camera store in Edwardsville yesterday, and the owner basically told me that because of the camera's age (it came out in 2008), he might not be able to get parts for it.  What's more, because this was water damage. there was no telling what could be wrong, making the idea of a repair impractical from an economic standpoint.

I've loved using this camera.  It's traveled a lot of miles...figuratively and literally...with me over the years.  I got it many years ago out of a desire to have an additional creative outlet, and it has served that purpose very, very well.  Here are some of my favorite shots taken with the camera:

(a burning bush)

(downtown Scranton, in layers)

(more Scranton)

(Mount Desert Island, Maine)

(Corning Museum, through the looking glass)

(someone who really, really loved their trailer)

If there is any good news in all of this, it's that my lenses (with the possible exception of the one on the camera at the time it got wet) will work on more modern Sony DSLR cameras.  With some time off coming next week, including a trip to the beach for a few days, a detour to a Sony Store is in the offing.  While I am sure I can find a new camera to enjoy, nothing can take the place of the wonderful Sony Alpha 200 that saw me through so very much.  Its eye was my eye through many changes.

Rest in peace old friend.


Don Williams said...

I know your pain. My all-purpose digital camera - a Panasonic Lumix - has ended up with a few pieces of dust/lint on the inner lens that show up as dark spots in almost every outdoor pic I take. There is an online video that shows how to take the camera apart...looks like training as a brain surgeon is a prerequisite and a microscope is probably needed. Off to Amazon...

Stephen Albert said...

Thanks for the comment Don. A few years ago I used to dabble in repairs...I replaced a few laptop/netbook/cellphone screens, replaced a non-replaceable cellphone battery, etc...but these days I just don't have the energy and/or patience.

I am going to do a little brick-n-mortar shopping first; if that doesn't pan out I'll order directly from Sony.