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Monday, October 14, 2013

Response to Anonymous Comments, "Courtright getting Clobbered" posting

A few thoughts in response to the comments received from "Anonymous" with regards to my posting last week Courtright getting Clobbered.

Before I get to the specifics, I want to make an initial point.

Anonymous?  Seriously, anonymous?  Look at the press releases I posted from the Mulligan campaign.  What does one notice about the authorship of the material?  Well for starters, there is an actual, real name attributed to the content.  Yes, a real person signed his name to the press release.  You can call them what you want, but cowardly they are not.  What's more I put my name on everything I write here.  I don't hide from my opinions.  While I do allow anonymous comments on the blog, I don't hold them in high regard.  So, Mr/Ms Anonymous, if want any measure of respect, please sign your (real) name next time.

On to the specific comments.  For purposes of clarity, my responses are in dark red text.

Mystery Writer Comment #1

Anonymous said...
How does "the Mulligan plan" create revenue.
Its all fluff!
Hasn't he been part of the problem for 12 years, as a solicitor for nearly every department????
How van someone manage a 90 million dollar bubget when they can't manage their own finances??
October 11, 2013 at 9:28 AM
Show me some specifics as to which departments Attorney Mulligan has represented and then give some examples of why his work for these departments was sub-standard.  Then maybe Anonymous can maybe make a valid point.  As to the dig about Attorney Mulligan's finances, well gee whiz, yes he has had some problems and apparently Mr/Ms Anonymous also read the Scranton Times.  Neither is shocking.  Anyway, Attorney Mulligan has plenty of company (including among elected officials) when it comes to troubled finances while living in the City of Scranton.  If he owes anyone money now, well then he had better get that straight. As for issues in the past, well voters should factor that into their voting decision.

Mystery Writer Comment #2

Anonymous Anonymous said...

He has been part of "the Doherty problem"
Having city hall open at night, meeting with council in secret,
Joining SAPPA...doesn't bring in MONEY!!!!!!!
October 11, 2013 at 9:32 AM
Ahhh, Anonymous is most likely a fireman, policeman or the family member of either.  Or maybe one of the assorted geniuses that regularly attend Scranton City Konsil meetings.  

Being "part of the problem" is a campaign slogan, not a fact.  Try again.

People bash Mayor Doherty for not meeting with Konsil.  Now Anonymous wants to bash Attorney Mulligan for wanting to meet with Konsil.  Am I the only one who sees a contradiction here?

Joining the SAPPA doens't have to bring money, but it does make sense.  Janet Evans opposed SAPPA basically because Mayor Doherty was in favor of it.  Period.  Another example of her needless political Jihad gone amok, where the collateral damage to the city was far worse than the political damage incurred against the Mayor.

Mystery Writer Comment #3

Anonymous said...
So we have a lawyer who is the solicitor of the Scranton Sewer Authority who didn't pay his sewer bill, a lawyer who was solicitor of the city and was delinquent on his garbage fees and has/had numerous judgements against him even though a part of his lawyering was collecting delinquencies? He appears to be a walking, talking, contradiction of himself. Then again, in Scranton he sounds perfect for the job!
October 11, 2013 at 9:45 AM

Now we get some specifics.  I guess Anonymous went back to re-read that Scranton Times article after all.  I agree that Attorney Mulligan has a far from ideal past when it comes to managing his personal finances.  Then again, I think he has what, like 28 kids or something?  No wonder he has had bill paying problems.  Ideal?  No.  But is this a deal-breaker in terms of voting for the man?  Not in my book.  Personal financial difficulties are neither new nor unique to Attorney Mulligan.  Policy and ideas are what really matter in this election.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Post Script
Welcome to Scranton, the most political city in the known universe.  Yes, Attorney Mulligan has had some difficulties in the past, but let me tell you what he isn't:  the recipients of gobs of support from entrenched city hall employees who are only looking out for their own economic interests.  That's a good start.  As I've said before...and will say again...Scranton does not have a revenue problem.  You can't have a revenue problem when you have the highest taxes in the area.  Scranton has an expense problem.  A big expense problem.  Everything I've seen and heard from Bill Courtright's campaign tells me that he will do nothing to reign in Scranton's expenses.  In fact, police and firemen and counting him to do nothing, other than continue City Konsil's border-line silly quest to find new and creative revenue streams that either don't pan out at all or which bring in far less than projected.  What's next, a monthly Scranton Bake Sale?  Maybe Google can sponsor a firetruck or three.

Attorney Mulligan is a better choice than Bill Courtright simply because he's not Bill Courtright.  With Bill Courtright city residents know what they will get:  nothing to make the dramatic changes that Scranton needs.  Now I don't know for sure that Attorney Mulligan will make the changes needed either, but between the two candidates, he's the more likely.  

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