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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Blog-O-Versary

On October 27, 2008 I started writing this blog.  Now it wasn't my first my first stab at Internet writing, but it was the first one on a more fitting and formal venue.  Since that first posting, in addition to 5 years passing, there have been nearly 1500 postings and a shockingly large (at least relative to my expectations) number of page views*.  And you know what?  It's still fun and I can't see not doing this, even if other demands (such as what has been happening of late) keep me from posting as much as I would like to.

Now at this point I guess I'm supposed to offer some deep thoughts about blogging, angst, the heartbreak of psoriasis and other such weighty things that befit an anniversary.  However, since I don't have any deep thoughts of my own to offer, I'll borrow some from Woody Allen.

I'll end this by offering a few thanks...

Thanks to all those who read this mess I semi-regularly scribe.

Thanks to all those who comment (even those who defend the racist rag known as the Stars-n-Bars).

Thanks to all those who have inspired, knowingly and unknowingly, postings.

Thanks to the collective of local bloggers in NEPA who have been so encouraging & welcoming.

Thanks to those who have been so very supportive of this habit of mine, especially Ms Rivers.

(*) I'll save the senseless bragging to others.  Suffice to say that while I know the number, I don't necessarily understand why the number is what it is.


Michelle HD said...

Congrats! Keep writing.

Gort said...

It's good to see you stick around my friend. Many people start blogs then find out it takes some work

Stephen Albert said...

Thanks guys!