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Sunday, October 6, 2013

It really must be the end of days: I just bought an iPad.

Yes, as many have reminded me (including Ms River's oldest son and my youngest daughter Rebecca), I have repeatedly said time and time again that I would NEVER own an Apple product.

Well, never say never.
Yes, on Friday I bought an iPad.  Specifically, I bought an iPad 2 with Retina display, with 4G, and 16gb of memory.  Certainly not the Ferrari of the tablet world, but a lot for me.

So why did I get an iPad?  Well, there are a few reasons actually, but it mostly boils down to this:  I need a better way to mange information, and I have a lot of information to manage.  Keeping scores of old notebooks at work simply doesn't work.  Rifling through pages of paper in order to find old notes related to, say, business continuation planning, is frustrating at best.  There has to be a better way.

Now I'm supposed to say "there will be a learning curve" or something like that at this stage, but I won't.  In fact, I'm actually a quick study when it comes to most technology things, and I suspect that this will be no different.

Anyway, now it's time for dinner.

(credit to THIS blog for the image)


Gort said...

I don't even have cell phone yet but I want one of those.

Stephen Albert said...

It's almost a "price of admission" in leadership ranks at work these days. Even worse than the situation back in "Palm Pilot" days. Anyway, so far I am impressed.

Mike Sporer said...

I love my Apple stuff, Steve! Glad you are now among "the elite":)

Stephen Albert said...

Thanks Mike. I'm thinking that I'll probably not ditch my Windows 7 gear, but now I know "never to say never".