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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

das Haus verlassen, #10

"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."
- Andy Warhol

What seems like a brief respite from posting over the past few days was actually nothing of the sort (a rest that is).  In what was a burst of activity last week, I actually, really and truly managed to get an offer to buy the house I have had on the market since August.  The contract was signed on Sunday.

Head spinning?

Well, not so much.  Actually I'm not worried about the days and weeks to come.  If anything, I'm more thinking about "what's life going to be like when I don't have a house to sell and one to buy?" stuff.  I'm sure that life will be full of enough always is...but there is this feeling of "after the marathon" that I do contemplate.

Now there are more than a few "thank you" notes to go around with this upcoming event, but I'm going to save them until later.  Contracts can be broken you know, and I'm not going to do anything to jinx the process.  This may read like a horribly irrational response to the situation, but so be it; thinking that I can ward off bad juju by being cautious is one of the few things remaining in the process that I can control.

What's next?  Well that's part two of this entire journey.  Yes, next up I have to make sure I'm not homeless when all is said and done.  Fortunately I have a a true partner in crime for that part of the trip in the personage of Ms Rivers.  Over the next week or so the new task is to find a new home for both of us.'s a been a long time since I actually felt like I had a "home".

Time to end the exile on Elba.

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