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Monday, May 13, 2013

What I've learned from watching too much "House Hunters International"

I don't watch all that much TV, so when I do find something of interest I sometimes get fully immersed.  And so it is with the show "House Hunters International" which I have watched far too much of a weekend or two ago. 

The net product of all this TV learning?
  • Every apartment in Europe looks like it has been furnished by IKEA. All of them. 
  • Foreign bathrooms can have some complex looking toilets.
  • European men have a thing for blonde American women.  They must...that's all the show features.
  • Every real estate agent in Europe speaks English very well...better, in fact, than the average Scrantonian.
  • Never be shocked where you can hide a bedroom.
  • Boho is alive and well.
  • Parents who have grown children living in Europe regularly fly out to see their children. For the record I couldn't get my mother to drive down to York to see me when I got out of college.
Now for the record I happen to really like IKEA's stuff.  In fact I have an entire (except for the chair) furnished IKEA home office.

The boxes...

...jammed into Ms Rivers' Toyota Camry...

...being assembled...

...into a functional, all be it modern, home office.

That's not to say though that I'd like an entire IKEA furnished apartment, although again that seems to be the norm across the Atlantic.

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