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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Election Results

I got out of the election prediction business a long time ago.  Well, that previous statement is incorrect in that I have never been in the election prediction business at all.  Regardless, the primary is over and it's on to the Fall general election which, in NEPA, basically means that the electing is more or less over for 95% of the races.

My own voting experience was rather disjointed yesterday.  I have an off-site meeting yesterday and today, which necessitated my getting to the poll a few minutes after it opened.  The good news is that the gauntlet of people handing you crap on the way in was manageable.  The bad news was that the poll workers didn't quite have their acts together yet.  Regardless, I was able to vote and get to downtown Scranton where my meeting was being held (day two of the meeting is today, and I need to get there shortly...).

As for the actual results, well, as the younger generation would say "Meh".  There will be a home rule study commission in Lackawanna county, which is good; we will still be paying salaries to row office politicians to run county row offices that more or less run themselves, which is not so good.  Both results are very big losses for the two sitting Democratic county commissioners.  Bill Courtright won the Democratic nomination for mayor of Scranton, which basically means that the voters in the city really don't want all that much to change.  Note to Scranton's voters:

You can run from the city's financial problems, but you ultimately can't hide.

My friend Tom Borthwick lost in his bid to become a Scranton School Board director, which is bad news for the Scranton School District.  I suspect though that it will ultimately be good news for Tom, as he's a very talented guy and it is my concerted opinion that the Scranton School Board isn't a place for talented folks anyway.  What is the SSD a place for?  Three words:  Mostly Political Hacks.

Off to make the donuts...

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