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Sunday, May 12, 2013

It's not exactly Moby Dick...

...but then again I don't fish in order to actually catch fish.

In fact, I really could care less if I actually catch any fish. For me, fishing is an excuse to be outside and not think about work, politics, current events or anything almost requires you to be in the moment, all be it a very quiet moment.  Fishing is my reason to slow down, and there are times when I really need to slow down.

My fishing experience dates back to when I was as youngster, when my brothers and I would walk from Midtown Apartments up to Roaring Brook, cheap fishing gear in tow, in a vain attempt to catch fish.  In fact, for the most part, the only critters we actually ever caught were crayfish, which we found under rocks.  That spat of fishing gave way to high school, then college, then marriage, then a career, then kids...and the list goes on.

My current incarnation of fishing started during last year's vacation to Delaware, when in the company of my fishing mentor, 16 year old Alexander, I caught this whopper in Delaware Bay...

...which I'll note was my only catch.  Young Alexander caught *several* more.  Anyway, after this expedition I didn't do much in the fishing arena until fairly recently when I figured it was either fishing or golf.  I don't have anything against golf by the way, but I'm thinking I'm still just a tab bit too young for that particular pastime.

Fishing it is.

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