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Friday, May 24, 2013

Road Apples, #137

Road Apple Accounting...I'm reasonably sure that I have actually written 137 Road Apple postings, let only 106 of them are labeled "Road Apples".  Hmmmmm...I confess that there is a small part of me that wants to go through a "Road Apple reconciliation"  process.  Maybe if I can find that magic pill that allows you to be healthy while not needing sleep.

From the "people suck" department...While running into a local supermarket yesterday I saw a little kitten crying loudly and following a few people across the street.  Tiny little thing.  Anyway, I did go into the market to pick a few things up, but I just couldn't stand the thought of that poor little thing out there all alone.  What if it was abandoned?  Anyway, I just grabbed the one essential thing I needed and headed back outside, determined to bring the kitten home if it was still seemingly lost.  JeanLuc probably wouldn't be happy about it, but he'd learn to adjust (in fairness, JLA has shown a general liking for other cats).  I did check out and immediately headed into the parking lot.  No sign of the kitten.  I asked around and the security guard reported that the kitten had crossed the street into the store parking lot and that a family apparently took him/her.  Partially relieved, I do hope that the kitten is now warm, well fed and loved.  If the kitten was abandoned by someone in the first place?  Well I think there is a very special place in Hell for the souls of those who abuse/harm animals, especially those that are so small and helpless.     

What's I'm Listening the moment it's been some Dire Straights.  Sultans of Swing and Skateaway are two favorites.  Here's a sample:

Credit to Mark Knopfler for being one of those few guitarists with a very distinctive sound.

Philadelphia Bound...Ms Rivers and I had planned on going to Philadelphia tomorrow for a some time with her family, and it seems that the timing is working out for another event as well.  My mother. who has had a history of benign brain tumors (of this variety) recently had some issues arise that caused her to go to the doctor.  The result was the discovery of a abscess near a plastic plate in her skull that requires almost immediate treatment.  Unfortunately there are no hospitals in NEPA with the sophistication to handle this kind of procedure, so she was taken by ambulance to the University of Pennsylvania medical center.  To make a long story short, my itinerary tomorrow will now also include a visit to the hospital.  

The IRS...The use of the IRS to intimidate anyone or any group is simply wrong.  Period. Congress should investigate this mess and people need to be held accountable.  The IRS has scary powers that should never be used for political purposes.  

Speaking of the politics of "gotcha"...we have the hijacking of Congress for purposes of simply and solely "get" a political opponent.  Anyone want to argue that if the former Secretary of State were not a potential candidate for President in 2016 that the whole Benghazi investigation stuff would have wrapped up months ago?  At this stage, 98% of Congressman Darrell "Car Alarm" Issa's investigation is more about political theater than anything else.  It would be funnier if there weren't a death at the center of this whole thing.  Since the Democrats tried to minimize this whole thing for political gain and the Republicans have tried to maximize it political gain, I'd say we were just about done.  Can we move on now?

Losing Religion...When you lose your religion do you gain a pre-disposition towards becoming a drama queen?  I'm just wondering.  The more I read of this guy's stuff the more I'm becoming convinced of the connection.  This is not to be taken as a knock against NEPA's favorite atheist; if anything I give him a lot of credit for engaging with so many people that have nothing better to do than engage in a circular firing squads.  

Boy Scouts...will "allow" gay scouts.  Okay.  Nice of them to "allow" it.  They will ban gay scout leaders.  Logical?  I'm not sure.  The Catholic Church has banned gay clergy for years...and we all know how that one has worked out.

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