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Monday, March 4, 2013

Reply to Comments & Mail

I do appreciate people who comment on my postings and those that take the time to write.  Note though that in both instances I do reserve the right to both comment back (in fact I almost always do) or respond to emails in this public venue.  So here we go...

Various Email Replies

Reply to Heather
Thank you for the email and I do appreciate the sincerity with which you approach your cause.  However as a general rule I don't promote things on this blog unless they are causes that are personal to me.  My $10 to GoDaddy, my rules.  Best of luck promoting Lungleavin Day 2013 by the way.  Wait, did I just break my own rule?  Oh well...

Reply to Mike
I don't really care about gaining "more traffic and better rankings".  

Reply to Mona
Please don't tell me that I've won some kind of Microsoft prize via an email with a gmail domain.  I'm no genius, but even I could think of a better scam than that.

Reply to Subhash
No, you can not have my trust.  Ever.  Period.  

Reply to Robin
I do not know what "Organic SEO Services" are, so coming up with a snarky reply is proving difficult.  

Reply to several individuals promoting "Southern Pride" 
As I've said before, using the "Stars-n-Bars" to promote southern heritage is like using the swastika to promote German heritage.  I can think of dozens of better symbols of the south.  We can start with milt juleps and go from there.

Comment Reply
The comment text editor for is stinky (so is that of the other providers, by the way), so rather than continue my reply to "Another Steve" after the Rest in Peace Dr Koop posting, I'm going to reply here.  The original reply is pasted below (lighter text), along with my responses [dark red text].

Anonymous said...
What kind of blog is this? Well this is not a "political" blog. 
[Technically it's a "whatever I want to write about" blog.]
I would thank you for making the change to President Reagan's name but that wasn't a reflection on me but on you.  [Conversely, I didn't make the change to please anyone; in fact I made the change to please noted before, the reference was disrespectful of the dead, which is in no way, shape or form cool, good or proper.  Bottom line?  I appreciate being called out on it.  I may be rightfully called many things, but "incapable of learning" and "pigheaded"...even if charged...are incorrect.]
I posted your remarks on top here, not to be a wise guy, [I didn't take your point as being from a were, in fact, spot-on correct.] only to say that once in a while it's a bit difficult to tell that it isn't a political blog. I do realize that at times there is no avoiding it.

Though you didn't accuse me of being "hard right" I want to assure you that I am not. I've voted for plenty of Democrats in my 61 years. Both parties, in my opinion, leave a LOT to be desired and I keep saying I'm going to re register as an Independent but, what would that accomplish? I continue to vote for the person, NOT the party and I'm proud of that. [We agree 110% on that point.  I continue to vote for candidates from both parties.  Anyone who votes a straight party line all the time is, in my estimation, ill-informed and naive.]

You're correct in that I see things through my own lens and I'll be the first to say it's been scratched and clouded over the years but it's served me well. I don't limit my decisions to that lens though, I also go by sound and smell (limit my sense of touch, thank you). I won't comment more on that except to say I'm not referring to your blog. [Ahhhh okay.  Thanks.]

I also have a PHD in criticizing myself (and I appreciated your comment first hand) so I have to ask, were you attempting to give me a grammar lesson when you said, "Finally you give me far too much credit by saying I write like a 6 year old (I am assuming you meant me, as your sentence reads as if you were actually talking about yourself)or was it a "I'm rubber, you're glue" type of statement?  [I was being snarky.  My oldest daughter is an English teacher; I am not.]

No, I don't intend this to be a ping pong game of words. I don't normally leave comments but I decided to write that first one because your comments aren't what I've come to expect from you.  [I consider it to be an act of praise to be told that I have acted in a way which wasn't expected.]

I'll check back a few times in the future to determine if I keep reading. [If you do, that's great.  If you don't, that's great too.  Life is too short to spend too much time reading things blogs anyway.  Blogs are to writing as comics are to painting.]

Thanks and best wishes to you and yours,  [Thank you!]
Another Steve 

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