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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Popetastic: I give myself a grade of "B"


Here's how the new Pope shakes down, per my prior prognostication:
  1. Is he a he:  Yes.
  2. Is he old:  Yes (age 76).  
  3. Is he a white guy:  Yes.
  4. Is he from Europe (especially Italy):  No, but he's darn close*
(*) The Pope, while born in Argentina, was born to Italian parents.  He also speaks Italian fluently, with a slight accent.  I figure I get at least a third of a point for that one.

The big surprise, actually, is that he is a Jesuit.  I don't think anyone expected that...

More serious reading about Pope Francis can be obtained HERE.

I'll end this on a high/low note, courtesy of The Onion.

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