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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Despicable and Disgusting

The President's daughters receive armed protection, like the family members of every President, because they are potential targets for terrorists, lunatics and other assorted weirdos   Period.  There is no more story here.  There is no "class warfare" here.  There is no "elitism" here.

With the above noted, the National Rifle Association stoops to what is, quite possibly, the lowest of the low: dragging the President's children into a political fight.

Politico:  NRA Ad Targets Obama Children

Probably the best response to this whole shameful mess came from a Republican Joe Scarborough, who had this to say:

Morning Joe:  NRA is its own worst enemy

The NRA's advertisement is political pornography.  These are shameful, low human beings.  This ranks right up there with the disgusting stories spread about the daughters of President George W. Bush.

1 comment:

Stephen Albert said...

Enter the Limbaugh-wannabes...

"but, but, but, Obama had kids at HIS press conference today announcing the gun restrictions...isn't that using kids as well?"

Reality check: the kids who were at the event all wrote the President about this issue. They all agreed and wanted to be a part of this event. That's why they were there.

When last I heard, the President, his wife and his daughters NEVER agreed to be a part of the NRA's disgusting advertisement. As noted in the post, the President's children should be off limits when it comes to political arguments.

Like most Limbaugh inspired rants, this fails in the face of reality.

Mega dittos to all, and to all a good night.