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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Fat Lady Bob Mellow

Breaking news from the Scranton Times...

Feds want two years in prison for Mellow

Let's not forget that there are many complicit in Bob Mellow's actions:

  • A political class in NEPA that gleefully kissed Mellow's rear-end at every turn; please, someone dig up a few photos of our NEPA mayors, council members and legislators skipping the light fandango with Bob at his (in)famous Montage Mountain gigs.
  • Non-profit institutions that padded Mellow's ego at every opportunity in exchange for OUR money; as I noted in an older post, the "Mellow Theater" should be named the "Taxpayer Theater", as we...not Bob Mellow...paid for it.
  • A lazy electorate in NEPA. 
  • A culture in NEPA that encouraged and rewarded corruption through naked indifference.  For years local newspapers more or less turned a blind eye to Bob Mellow; it was only after he started serving on local Boards of Directors that they began to take notice.  Speaking of Boards of Directors...
  • A Pennsylvania legislature existing in an ethical Dark Age, where a senator can sit on the boards of institutions he could, in fact, play a role in regulating.

Search this blog for the key words "Bob Mellow" and see just what I mean.

Two years?  Is that a fair sentence?  In my estimation no, but at this stage the mere fact that he is facing sentencing is something of a victory.

Since Senator Mellow was such a member of the "In" Crowd in NEPA, it seems only fitting to offer the following pre-sentencing dedication:

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