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Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Stuff

I was thinking about opining on the rampant consumption that has overtaken the Thanksgiving holiday, what with stores being open on Thanksgiving Day, but decided against it.  Just too simple.  Besides, I can state an opinion on this particular topic in two sentences:

"Don't like stores being open on Thanksgiving?  Then don't shop at those stores."

Pretty simple, like shooting fish in a barrel.

Moving on, a better topic (for me) also deals with consumption, namely my own.  In fact, I'll point to three areas of my own rampant, Capitalist consumption... car.  Well used car.  But certainly new two me.  It's been just about two months since I got my Nissan Rogue and so far I've been very impressed.  As Ms Rivers noted, the vehicle "fits me".  It's nice to be comfortable in a vehicle, and the gas mileage is surprisingly good.  I enjoy having the extra storage was a snap to fit in a 50" flat screen TV in the back...and I simply feel much safer in the vehicle.  Do I miss my Kia Rio?  Not really.  Besides, I can always visit with it when my youngest daughter is back in town. phone.  My AT&T contract finally allowed for an upgrade, and I just had to ditch the micro-screened Palm Pre that had been gracing my pocket for quite a while.  My choice was a Samsung Galaxy III S, which is one of the best Android phones on the market.  I haven't been disappointed.  The phone has a great screen, tons of available apps, and relatively easy navigation.  The only down-side?  It's something of a pig when it comes to battery life. TV.  For years I have been using a 32" 720p flat screen as my main TV.  Now my "TV Room" (quotes on purpose, as my place is so small that saying I have a "TV Room" implies something that doesn't exist...namely space) isn't all that large, but my TV was simply too small for the space.  So I made the decision to get something bigger.  In fact, I decided to get the biggest freak'n TV I could afford within my budget.  After some shopping around, I landed on a 50" 1080p flat screen purchased from Best Buy.  Actually I had to go to Best Buy twice, as the original TV I purchased stopped having video (but the audio worked) so I had to pack the whole damn thing up for a trip back for a return.  Fortunately for me, it seemed that half the Geek Squad at the Dickson City Best Buy also worked for my employer during the day, making for a relatively easy exchange.  Basically they just gave me a new one of the same model, which has been working fine ever since the exchange.

So there you have it:  I'm all consumed up and ready to go.  Bring on the snow (I now have All Wheel Drive), the need for good cell phone reception (I can now even get calls in the Birney Plaza Kmart) and cheesy Science Fiction, because I'm ready.

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