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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Presidential Election @ 10:30pm, 11.06.2012

If Barack Obama wins, this nation will have four more years of a mediocre President.  Why?  I'm convinced that it is in part because Republicans insist on giving a crap about what adults do in the privacy of their own homes and other assorted nonsense instead of the stuff that really matters.

In my dream world, the Republican Party becomes this group that is pro-business, but also pro-personal liberty and pro-personal choice.  Personal choice, not government choice.  This means staying the out of the abortion debate.  People of good conscience can disagree when life begins, so let's not have big government make this decision.  This means allowing two consenting adults to get married, even if they are the same gender.  What the Hell business does the government have in determining who you should marry?  In my dream world the Republican Party doesn't have old white guys who have been married four times talk about "conservative family values" says "family values are just that:  family values, not government values".  In my dream world, the Republican Party stands for a strong defense...of America...not of Germany, South Korea, Japan, and every other place where we are still the world's cops.

Alas, my dream world is just that...a dream.

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