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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Just some of what I am thankful for...

My children, who have grown into wonderful adults that make me so very proud.

(an old...but favorite...picture of the Albert girls)

My significant other, Ms Rivers, who reminds me that dawn always follows the night.

(at the Corning Museum, April 2012)

My extended family, who have been there for me when I most needed them most.

(early 90's...Rich, Steve, Chris + Katrina & Miranda).

(at my college graduation, with Mom and Rich)

My cat, JeanLuc (also known as General Stirling Price, Friend, Big Guy and assorted other names that I make up as I go along).  It's hard to articulate just how important a part of your life a pet can be.

(2011, watching TV with me)

My career and the people I work with, the sum of which provides me with not just a living, but a purpose.

(where I spend a lot of time)

I could go on, but the point is this:  I am blessed.

A happy, restful and reflective Thanksgiving to one and all.

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