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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston...I wasn't a fan

I really was not a Whitney Houston fan, something I confess straight up.  Unlike some, I will not feign loss at her passing.

But first a word about Clive Davis.

I think Clive Davis should be tried in a court of law for bearing some responsibility for the Grateful Dead's "disco" album, Shakedown Street.  He also spawned Barry Manilow, something that I can only take in small doses when I am particularly melancholy.  Clive Davis was THE prototype 70's music mogul, one that would the template for minions that would create abominations as the Backstreet Boys.

Clive Davis also discovered Whitney Houston.

As noted, I was not a Whitney Houston fan, and I'm not going to pretend to be one now that she is no longer of this Earth. I just don't really like urban pop music, period.  I will say though that there is one song she sang that I have something of a soft-spot for..."How Will I Know". Note that I didn't say "her song", mainly because Whitney Houston didn't write it...or any other song to the best of my knowledge.  That's rather sad, as the big, long-term money in music comes from publishing and song ownership, something Michael Jackson learned from Paul McCartney.  In the absence of publishing money, singers such as Whitney Houston have to continue to perform in order to make the big income.  I'm not psychologist, but I think that kind of thing...constant performing...had to be hard on someone like the late Ms Houston.

Anyway, rest in peace...a peace you probably didn't have much of in this life...Whitney Houston.

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