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Monday, February 20, 2012

Road Apples, #120

Note to self (about getting old)...I must remember, when I am 76, what my mother is like now that she is 76.  I'm just saying.

Rick Santorum...I find it fascinating how Rick Santorum has taken the lead in the GOP primary.  It is as if the Republicans are doing the equivalent of suicide by cop.  Yes, Ricky tells them all the stuff they want to hear about "bible based government" and the like, but the reality is this:  the man is far too socially conservative for mainstream America and will lose to Barack Obama in the Fall if he is the Republican nominee.  Mark my words:  he will lose if he is the nominee.  This will happen no matter how bad most folks think Obama is doing as President.  Yes, I "get it" that Republicans run to the right in the primary then run to the center in the general election, but Santorum doesn't have a centerist bone in his body.  Most Americans think that individuals should decide for themselves about contraception.  Most Americans oppose abortion, but also think that this is a deeply personal matter best left to the individual (especially in cases of rape...note that Santorum believes that abortion should only be legal when the mother's life is in danger).  Most American's (unlike noted Climatologist Rush Limbaugh) realize that global warming is a reality...even if they disagree what should be done about it.  Like I said:  4 more years of Obama.

Barack Obama...The above noted, I wish I had an alternative to Barack Obama.  The guy is about as exciting as watching paint dry.  Oh, and I'm really not sure what he stands for, on just about any issue.  He got rid of "don't ask and don't tell" but yet still is against legalizing gay marriage.  He talks about fiscal responsibility but yet still spends more each year.  He talks about helping the middle class, but yet accomplishes NOTHING to actually HELP US in the middle class.  Don't give the the "tax holiday" bullcrap by the way...that is simply taking money away from a Social Security Trust Fund that already is in Dutch.  Like I said:  4 more years (but that doesn't mean I have to like it).  I really wish more people took Gary Johnson seriously.

Moving...For the second time in less than a year, I am moving at work.  This time it is for the better.  As an introvert, I had a hell of a time working in my old location.  It was very noisy and distracting.  What's more, a good part of my work involves more confidential stuff, so it got to the point that I couldn't have a conversation with my VP without having to go to a conference room.  That changes with the new digs, as I now have an office (with a door no less!) in the HR suite.  Psyched?  That's an understatement.  I all ready feel more productive, which is good as the amount of work isn't decreasing by any measure.

Productivity...I have been spending some time recently trying to figure out how I can better manage information and priorities.  Here are a few conclusions I've come to:
  • Paper data...I have had a tendency to keep notes in a variety of different notebooks, etc.  No more.  I will have one really nice/neatly organized notebook and that's it.  Period.  No more scraps of paper,  not more pads with scribble laying around.  If it needs to be written down I will put it in a new notebook I just got from Staples, period.
  • Electronic data...I've started to use my Sony tablet for electronic notes & data, especially stuff that I want to be my intellectual property.  
  • Managing Priorities...I have been previewing a number of applications for managing tasks, and found one that I like: Wunderlist.  What's nice about it is that I can manage tasks on the same list whether I am at home, at work or traveling.  Wunderlist does this via a desktop app, an Android app (for my tablet) and an-online version, all of which sync together.  
Of course the success of the above is highly contingent upon some personal discipline.  We shall see.

Scranton School District Board Fails Ethics...The Scranton Times performed a great public service yesterday by exposing the unethical campaign contributions (basically a "pay to play" scheme) by many members of the Scranton School District Board.  Dan Hodorawis wrote a great piece on it via NEPArtisan.  You can link to the posting HERE.  Note to the Scranton School District Board members:  if you have an Ethics Policy, we expect you to ACTUALLY FOLLOW IT.

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